• Who are you?

In short, I am a geek, a nerd, a writer, a recovering academic, and an internet addict.

In long, I’ve got a lot of interests and sufferlive with many obsessions. I’ve been writing since kindergarten, telling stories since long before that. Last spring, I graduated with a Master’s in English Composition and Rhetoric from a local university, after four years of study. My thesis? Messiah complexes in the new Battlestar Galactica.

I think the thesis topic alone speaks volumes.

Currently, I’m a technical writer on contract at a software company, and am polishing up my first two novels while working on a third. Because I can never have enough stuff going on. 🙂

  • Where did the blog name come from?

From the quote: “Silence, brain, or I’ll poke you with another q-tip!”

Which I figured summed up myself and my mental processes pretty well. No, I’m not a Simpsons fan, but I am a writer by trade, a dreamer by nature, and a sword-wielding six-foot Amazon in another universe. Or maybe that’s just my RPG character…

  • Why once a week?

I’m easily distracted, and am horrible with dates. If I didn’t have Outlook up all day at work I wouldn’t know what day of the week it was. Plus, I’ve tried to keep other blogs updated regularly, and after a month or two, that failed miserably. So I’ve realized that baby steps are better than running.

If I feel I can update more often, then I’ll do so. But I intend to keep this blog updated on Mondays, so there’s something shiny to start the work week with.

Also, it’s when Nathan Fillion’s Castle airs. Which always puts me in a writing mood. 🙂

  • Why are all the recipes gluten free?

Because I have to be. Last December I was diagnosed with either celiac’s or gluten intolerance (I refused to swallow the plumbing snake thing they use for an intestinal biopsy for a firmer diagnosis), and so I have to completely re-learn how to feed myself. Good thing is, I have pretty good experience with the form of cooking (sifting flour, how to minimize cleanup, how some basic ingredients interact with each other, etc.), but am pretty lousy with the actual use of recipes. So while I’m less likely to set the kitchen ablaze, every recipe is its own, ahem, experience.

Just ask me about my Christmas thumbprint cookies.

  • Big question now – Trek or Wars?

Trek! Always Trek.

However, that’s not to say Wars doesn’t have some merit. Even if it’s more Joseph-Campbell-made-out-with-Fantasy-and-dressed-the-babies-in-starship-uniforms than real science fiction. (Midichlorians, really? REALLY?!) For one, it made Harrison Ford a household name. And found Mark Hamill, who would later become the Joker. And has some pretty neat merchandising (Jar-Jar notwithstanding). But what is the deal with Boba Fett? Is it the rocket pack? The lack of stilted dialogue? The grime on his helmet? WHAT?

*ahem* Yes, Trek is my preference. Now, you want a real debate? Ask me which one. 🙂


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