Hello world!

Yay, another blog! On teh internets!

But this isn’t just any blog, it’s mine.

And by ‘mine’ I mean the slightly-coherent-musings-of-my-grey-matter-that-will-be-updated-in-a-more-timely-manner-than-my-wangsty-livejournal. I’ve had a personal livejournal that by now has dwindled to random hey-friends-list-I’m-still-alive! posts, but I figured it’s about time to stop hermitting myself behind shiny avatars and sporadic postings.

So, what does this mean for you?

Once a week, I shall offer up the finest of my fictional finery – be it a short story, a poem (GASP!), book/movie/media reviews, random musings, or a bunch of shiny baubles, or heck, even a recipe.

No, I am no Emeril. My cooking equipment is more likely to go Bam! than I am. With smoke. Lots of smoke…

Anyways, blogging. Riiiiight…This page will always be updated at least once a week, so every Monday there will be a bright shiny new post to kick off your work week (or wake you up after you get home). If other posts crop up during the week, consider them happy little presents from me to you.

Just don’t drown them in water. I promise, the packages won’t be ticking.


About C.N. Wolf

Vaguely humanoid, often inquisitive, moderately bizarre. Also called a writer. View all posts by C.N. Wolf

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